Bearwood Maltings Concert on the Radio

The concert we were a part of at Farnham Maltings on Feb 10 is on a number of radio stations throughout this week. Wednesday this week on Radio Basingstoke and UK Health Radio. Saturday evening on Acoustic Spectrum.

Once all the radio airplay is complete, the show will be available as a Cloudcast.

The guests appearing in order were Ethemia, Sam Batt, Bearwood, Lisa Winship and Andy Mathewson, Oliver Moriarty, The Lights.

Many thanks to Brian Player for organising, hosting and engineering!

Check (‘Brian Player’s Acoustic Café’) for all station web links and timings.

The Acoustic Cafe at Farnham Maltings today

Great day at Farnham Maltings today.

Thanks to Brian Player for organising, hosting and engineering the Acoustic Cafe Live Showcase, and to Ian Freedman (Readifolk Radio Show) for recording.

We enjoyed meeting the industry colleagues who attended and the other super artists – Ethemia, Sam Batt, Lisa Winship & Andy Mathewson, Oliver Moriarty and The Lights.

The live recording will be aired on the following radio stations –

Acoustic Spectrum / 1 Radio / UK Radio / Radio Bicester / UK Health Radio / Radio Basingstoke

We’ll do a new post when the live recording becomes available. In the meantime the above stations are playing Brian’s regular hour- long show on which – till Tuesday 12th Feb – our track ‘Cool Down’ is featured.

How to reach the stations and get the show’s broadcast times may be found via